About Me
Music Producer / Song Writer
Peter Renshaw, “Renshaw”, is a self-taught unsigned, independent music producer from Basildon, Essex (UK).

Making music as a hobby, Renshaw originally came onto the music scene with his love of garage music and subsequently joined forces with the record production and song writing duo, Agent X, in 2009 to 2014.

It was during this time that Renshaw explored his genre field and produced a variety of music records which reached an array of artists and TV companies such as the BBC and ITV. In 2014, Agent X parted ways to work on solo projects and Renshaw has been working independently ever since.
My Work
Renshaw has mostly worked with artists/songwriters so far in his career with a few TV placements and whilst continuing with working with artists, Renshaw is also looking to explore the synchronization avenue in more depth due to his atmospheric tracks.